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Last receipt date of materials vendor wise

Dear All,
Plz suggest is there any standard report available which gives us the last date of receipt,material wise and vendor wise.
Yes in MB51 (Material Document list) in item data if you want see material wise give the material 
or vendor wise you give vendor there you can see last date of  receipt material wise or vendor wise or
m.type wise also
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Hello everybody, I´d like to know how  FIFO strategy would affect to this example: Adding boxes from one storage unit (pallet) to another storage unit (pallet). Both storage units have different goods receipt dates, so there is a pallet which has box
Could u please explain vendor due date analysis and vendor aging wise analysis. what is the differnce between and with t code y specifyHi Venkatkumar, Vendor due date analysis refers to the date on which the bill becomes due for payment based on the
Hi Experts, Please quote if any statndar report is available to vendor wise last purchase/grn date for a partcular pur org or plant. RegardsHi, Not standard report which your req. You have to create Qurey report. Regds SamiRead other 5 answers
Dear All,           My client has a very valid requirement which I am unable to provide. My client is basically a real estate company which is responsible for building. So the purchase cement, Paint etc. as raw material. The market rate of these raw
I want a report of material in a storage location vendor-wise. regards VSHello VS, Revi Wiratman give correct solution for Vendor Consignment stock and Sub-contracting Stock provided to Vendor. If you want to have Vendor-wise stock for other than abo
Dear Experts, We went GOLIVE of SAP 6.0 version on 31.01.2008. At that time we have uploaded Inventory of Stores & Spares material wise with the GR Date as 31.01.08 as we could not get the actual date of receipt of thos materials. Now we could able t
Dear All,                I am working on a report which has different fields like vendor , Doc No., Date, Amount.  I am able to display all these fields  for all the  vendors in single alv grid. I want the report to display  all these fields vendor w
Dear Gurus,      I have one doubt we are doing sale order subcontracting transfer posting by 311 E to vendor. so is it really need to create vendor wise storage locations to track the stock at vendor end,  as we have no. of vendors for subcontracting
Hi Gurus, can you please recommend me a standart report of Purchase orders, where is possible to see field from PO - item level - tab Delivery - field:Latest Possible Goods Receipt Date. It should be field MEPO1313-LEWED thank you!hi, please check it
Hi, Please give me if there is any T-code to get the AGE wise VENDOR wise AP report at on go as we know the report code ( S_ALR_87012078 ) only for the same, in which, unless otherwise,  we go for drill down this report further, the report is being d
Hi experts, We want that whenever PO for X vendor gets generated some fixed text should be printed automatically on the bottom of the purchase order irrespective of the items. I have tried it through Info record Vendor wise / Item wise but the text i
Dear Sir, Kindly guide us , as which Tcode or Report is available to see the Vendor wise Rejected Material deatils for the Purchases . Full marks are assured for the suggested solution Regards B Mittalhow do you reject? Do you just mean POs with retu
Hi all, how to do material reconciliation should be done vendor wise or  project wise?? any help....MIRCMR is not workingYou could use MB51/MB5B report in ALV grid and have look ups the way you wish with either Vendor or WBS/Network. However, it will
Hi Experts,           I want a report which should state vendor wise ,no of rfq;s that are converted to quatations. plesae tell me how should i proceed means which cube , is there any field coming to bw with this data or do  i need to enhnce the data
Dear Experts, As per SAP standard MRNB transaction is vailable for Revaluation of Purchase Order Price changes. My requirement as below: We are manitaining Purchasing Info Records compulsory. when purchasing rate changes, we are changing Info Records
Hi, I have  Refer the other old threads but i have not found any suitable answer. How we can maintain vendor wise maximum amounts for TDS deduction. steps: Go to Define withholding tax type, under Accumulation Type, select radio button Per Year, Star
hi where we maintain the delivary date parameter in vendor evaluation. nitinHi, Delivery date in vendor evaluation is a subcriteria for On time delivery and its automatic (3) Delivery date is calculated from GR from stastical delivery date in deliver
Hi Gurus, I have a functional question about how manage the Master Data of "Materials" and "Vendors" in an scenario of SRM-MDM Catalog (Repository). MDM 7.1, SRM 7.0, MDM-SRM Catalog (Repository) 7.0. My concern is that this kind of re
Hi all, Can any body help me how to get the report for 1) Material wise vendor report: that mean list showing the list of vendors from which that material is purchased and 2) Vendor wise material list: that mean list of materials purchased from a per