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Hello all,
I am experiencing the following problem:
Imagine that there is a managed bean with scope = "request", called "bean". There is a page X that has a couple of properties bound to this bean:
* commnandButton id="myButton" rendered="#{bean.buttonRendered}"
* inputText value="#{bean.textValue}"
And so on. When we navigate TO page X, we create the request scoped bean and fill the required properties in (e.g. bean.setTextValue("This is a test"); ).
Now let the isButtonRendered method behave like this:
if (getTextValue().equals("This is a test"))
return true;
return false;
The problem is, that when we click the "myButton" button, the isButtonRendered() method of the bean is called before the request values are applied to the bean. So, textValue is still null and thus, a NullPointerException occurs in the isButtonRendered method.
Could you please tell me why the isButtonRendered() method is called? Why does the JSF framework need this value before the values are applied, and how is this very frequently occurring problem worked around in practice?
Best Regards,
And there is something significantly more important:
Imagine you have the following binding:
and you click the button. Then you immediately get a NullPointerException in the Validation Phase, because the bean.someObject is null!!!!
Please help - I am trying to get something extremely fundamental - a master-detail relationship between pages. In the master page, you have a datatable and when you click on some item, you are sent to a detail page that allows editing of the selected item. The bean behind the detail page is with request scope. Thus, I keep the ID of the selected item in a inputHidden field. However, when you click "Save" on the detail page, a NullPointerException occurs in the validation phase, because when validation occurs, the setter method of the hidden fields has not yet been called and someObject is null.
Do you have any idea how to solve this task?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!
Best Regards,
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