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Itunes won't start up...no error message...please help

my old itunes version worked fine but when i upgraded it when it prompted me to it won't start up. when i click on it it gives me the hourglass for a couple of seconds then it goes away and itunes never opens. this is very frustrating, i have tried to uninstall and reinstall itunes and quicktime several times and i have downloaded windows install clean up and i have restarted my computer several times and nothing has worked. please help.
when i click on it it gives me the hourglass for a couple of seconds then it goes away and itunes never opens.
... by any chance, do you have Norton Internet Security 2005 installed on that PC?
if so, let's try giving the trusty Lorraine M technique a whirl:
Lorraine M: NIS/itunes problem rectified
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