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ITunes & Quicktime won't open

After installing iTunes and Quicktime to my computer, it won't open. Everytime i try to open it up it says
"iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close"
I tried uninstalling both iTunes and Quicktime. Now a second problem arises. I've managed to uninstall quicktime, but can't seem to do the same for iTunes.
Someone please help?
I go to start --> control panel--> add or remove programs
After I try looking for iTunes but I can't find it on the list at all. I also tried installing the program "Windows Install Clean Up", but I can't find the program name on the list either.
I went to start->all programs and iTunes doesn't seem to be on the list.
Okay. I think you have managed to mostly uninstall iTunes. what's left over are some program files/folders and two of the background processes installed with iTunes (iPodService.exe and iTunesHelper):
Background processes installed with iTunes for Windows
Those two processes are still running, which is why you can't delete those two folders/files.
So let's try shutting them down.
Right-click your Task Bar and select "Task Manager". Click on the "Processes" tab in Task Manager. Click "Image name" to sort the processes alphabetically, and find iTunesHelper.exe and iPodservice.exe. Select each of the two processes and click "end process the process and click the "End Process" button to shut them down.
Can you delet those two files/folders now?
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