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IPod Issue-USB Device Not Recognized

Hello. I am having continuous issues on and off with my iPod and syncing it to Windows.
PC info:
PC, Windows Vista, No Service Pack enabled, iPod 6th generation (classic-80gb).
The error message states as follows:
If anybody can provide assistance with this issue, I'd be very happy. Please note that I have, in fact, consulted other forums and topic about this issue and none of the ones that I selected or viewed discussed my issue. In fact, I did not find that it had been addressed at all.
Stratplayer - first thing you need to seriously consider is applying SP1 to your installation of Vista. The service pack has unquestionably added stability to the operating system. Among the things the service pack does is update many of the system drivers (though I do not know for a fact if the USB drivers are updated). Have you tried using different USB ports? Do you have better luck with some ports over others? You do not mention the type of PC you have, but have you contacted the manufacturer about this issue since you state you have problems with other USB devices as well?
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