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Inventory Management in Retail Scenario

Hello Gurus,
                 We are implementing BI7 and SAP IS retail. I have tried using 0IC_C03 cube but it is not giving correctresults. Can anyone suggest for implementing inventory management in retauk scenario.
Baljit Singh
Hello OJ,
           Thanks for your reply/ I have also tried 0RT_C36 cube. Values are still coming negative. I have used 2LIS_03_BX instead of 2LIS_40_S278.I have also choosen industry sector as retail. I have also checked BW in tcode BF11. There is no data as of now in 2LIS_40_REVAL. But still the values are negative and not matching with stock in ISR systems.I have also done compression and marker updates the way we do for 0IC_C03.
Can you please advise. Is there any special config for ISR scenario.
Baljit Singh
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