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Install SSL certificate for Oracle HTTP server

I received a PFX file that contains an SSL wildcard certificate for our company *.xyz.com.
I used this tool "xca" to extract two files: "server.crt" and "serverkey.pem".
I want to install this on the oracle 11g HTTP server (OHS) installed as standalone based on apache 2.2
With oracle, i have to create a wallet and point the SSL.CONF wallet directive to use that wallet.
I used Oracle Wallet Manager to create it and import the certificate but this is where i am having a problems.
First I could not restart the web server but the it worked but I got SSL handshake errors (Shown below).
According to oracle steps, I have to create a CSR and then import the certificate into the wallet
However, when I tried to use Oracle Wallet Manager, there were two options: import server certificate and trusted certificate.
The import server certificate was greyed out. I had to create a CSR just to get it enabled but I did not use the CSR, i just imported the "server.crt" file.
I also tried to import the "serverkey.pem" into the trused certificate option but was rejected (invalid certificate).
Do you know how to create a successful wallet based on the files i have and not creating a CSR since i already have a certificate file?
2013-05-04T20:11:40.2718-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1253263680] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] nzos handshake error, nzos_Handshake returned 29040(server ptp.xyz.xom:443, client
[2013-05-04T20:11:40.2719-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1253263680] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] NZ Library Error: Unknown error
[2013-05-04T20:11:40.4774-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1263753536] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] unusably short session_id provided (0 bytes)
[2013-05-04T20:11:40.4776-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1263753536] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] nzos handshake error, nzos_Handshake returned 29040(server ptp.xyz.xom:443, client
[2013-05-04T20:11:40.4776-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1263753536] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] NZ Library Error: Unknown error
[2013-05-04T20:11:40.6814-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1274243392] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] unusably short session_id provided (0 bytes)
[2013-05-04T20:11:40.6816-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1274243392] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] nzos handshake error, nzos_Handshake returned 29040(server ptp.xyz.xom:443, client
[2013-05-04T20:11:40.6816-04:00] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [] [core.c] [host_id: ptp.xyz.xom] [host_addr:] [pid: 11339] [tid: 1274243392] [user: root] [VirtualHost: ptp.xyz.xom:443] NZ Library Error: Unknown error
I do not have weblogic installed. I only have standalone 11g HTTP server with mod_plsql.
If i can get OWM working to create a successful certificate them the problem would be resolved.
I am just not sure what is Root Certificate and Trustworthy Certificate and how to get that from the files i have.
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