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Install Oracle Application server 10g and Oracle database 10g on same box

Hi Experts!
i need to install Oracle database and oracle application server on the same machine(windows xp).
when i install both of them and reboot the machine either oracle database or oracle application server fails...
i suspect that the problem might be due to two - ORACLE_HOME
let me know how i can resolve this issue.
Note: Oracle DB and OAS OPMN process run as a windows service.
after restart opmn fails
Many thanks in advance
Jacco, in spite of your ace :-) this time I cannot
completely agree with you:
I hope sincerely that this ace thing doesn't "scare" anyone from challengeing me. I can't know everything, even though this ace sign suggests it.
- things like ORACLE_HOME are also set in the system
environment settings. This may lead to conflicts;It does, therefore you should set them with the service (I figured the installer of Oracle would actually do that for you, but I hardly ever work with Windows)
- the database and AS have different versions of the
RSFs. The most recent AS version is using
RSFs, where the database uses 10.2.x. This leads to
- Port conflicts are common in the ONS area, however
this should not prevent startup and should not be
very likely at this point since all products use the
same inventory and it should have been checked for
ports that are in use.ons port conflics shouldn't precent startup, but other port conflicts can.
With the total of our posts the problem should be
resolved anyway ;)Exactly, as long as the reader has the proper knowledge to understand them ;)
(this feels like a post just to make sure that you know I respect your opinions and advices)
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