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Information on Best Practice usage of PopulateAttribute

Using JDeveloper
I have a requirement where I use the BC layer as my data service for my UI. But this BC is not connected to the database but rather relying on a WebService.
Everything is returning well based on NO-DB Transaction and Programmatic Vo's implementation based on SteveMeunch not yet documented, but to further enhance or optimize my implementation, I'm trying to utilize the populateAttribute as in my scenario, I do insert the attribute programmatically thus I also handle the validation before-hand.
Based on definition populateAttribute allows me to set the value without triggering any validations. So far this is correct as none of my BusinessRules nor any LOVModel accessor validation are getting fired. My question mainly focus on the difference between <b>populateAttribute</b> and <b>populateAttributeAsChanged</b>.
1. Which of the two methods should be used on certain scenarios (close to best practice :) )?
2. In the documentation, there is a warning about "Primary key attributes should not be set using populateAttribute apis", in what case will this affect my rows?
3. In a click-to-edit table, I am able to prepopulate my ViewObject without triggering my accessor (LOVModel) validation, but when I start activating the rows (click), it seems to still be firing the accessor validation. (Which is fairly not expensive calls but uneccessary).
Hi Julian,
I have struggled with the same questions you are addressing. On a previous project we tried to model based on packages, but during the course of the project we encountered some problems that grew overtime. The main problems were:
1. It is hard to enforce rules on package assignments
2. With multiple developers on the project and limited time we didn't have time to review package assignment
3. Devopelers would click away warnings that an object was already part of another project and just continue
4. After go-live the maintenance partner didn't care.
So, my experience is is that it is a nice feature, but only from a high level design point of view. In real life it will get messy and above all, it doesn't add much value to the development. On my neew assignment we are just working with packages based on functional area and that works just fine.
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