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Include jar File(applet) into a PDF

is it possible to include and to open a java-file(applet / application) in an interaktive Form (PDF,  not HTML)?
Hi  RadWard,
I'm using Adobe Captivate 5.5  And  Adobe Reader version 10 , i run thus project work fine but  when  i publish to pdf display blank in pdf sheet   ( i used For .Swf File Animation Slide ) , i think then only Display Blank , how can solve this Problem   RadWard.
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To Integrate our cfm code with paypal jar files we do the following steps with our local coldfusion server ,and to run and integrate the paypal Java SDK jar files, I think we need to do the same process on the server, can you suggest any thing to do
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I am trying to code for passing data from an Applet to javascript. It appears the preferred method involves a package netscape.javascript to include support for the JSObject class. found a download of a jar file which contains this package. I am usin
i am trying to manually include j2ee.jar for compiling, here is the entire build.xml: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!--PRIMARY build file for all of dev modual --> <project name="com" default="compile.all" basedir=&qu
Hi All, I am writting JAVA classes in Oracle, but I don't know how to include a jar to the Oracle. I had tried to use loadjava, and the classes inside the jar were unpacked and included successfully. However, I am doing some cryto things associated w
Hi, I want to use some classes from a .jar file in my application. In NT I have placed the .jar file in ....iplanet/ias6/ias/lib/java and included the path in CLASSPATH variable in .../iplanet/ias6/ias60/lib/IAB . I am facing problem in doing the sam
i have downloaded JavaMail jar file and now i want to include this file into NetBean library. pls help me out.You can add the jar file to Netbeans as an external library by choosing 'Tools' on the menu bar and then selecting 'Library Manager'. In the
HI, There: I have a webservice project works well except I canot include lib files in WEB-INF. I need following dir in war files WEB-INF --classes/com.xyz..... --lib/my.jar I use following target in build.xml <target name="webservice-setup" d
Hi, I am having jar file and iam running that jar file in command prompt using java -jar WorkFlow.jar command. I have to include some additional jar files in classpath while running this WorkFlow.jar file... Anyone please tell me how to include the j
Hi I'd like to compile a file including a jar file to the classpath. In wich way is it possible?Click on the appropriate operating system for the item "Setting the Classpath" at http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/tooldocs/tools.htmlRead other 2
I want to do serial communication.I have one demo program but in it they mention that set comm.jar file in your class path.Then how can I set comm.jar file in my class path?Javapedia: Classpath How Classes are Found Setting the class path (Windows) S
While I compile, I want my class to be able to find the two jar files that are in the same directory as the class that I'm trying to compile. c:\brandNew\src\myClass.java c:\brandNew\src\lsw-services.jar c:\brandNew\src\jdom.jarIf you are compiling i
Hi, Can I package up my classes needed for startup into a jar file and then use that jar file somehow in my "weblogic.system.startupClass" property or do I have to specify the individual class for startup? I am using Weblogic 5.1, SP4. Thanks, B
Hi all Im trying to develop a adapter module but when I add the jar library I get warning saying: com.sap.aii.af.cpa.svc.api.jar will not be exported or published. Runtime ClassNotFoundExceptions may result Is there a way to fix this problem?> Im try
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Hi, We have the following problem: we have some clients who want to use our applet. There are some clients that have problems with receiving the .jar file: When the applet tries to start we get a ClassNotFoundException: 'prestaties.class' not found.
hi, can anybody explain ans for doubt that im posting below For the applets that includes jar files , for some applet it will work if we place jar files in server and make include in applet tag, but some applet it will wont work, those jar files(or m
I'm a java developer and consequently I have a lot of JAR files on the filesystem. The JAR file format is a standard archive format for java, and is used mostly to package library code - the java equivalent of a DLL. They can also be created as 'exec
Hello, I have been unable to find out how to include in the .ear file generated by wsgen the supporting .jar files that my Web Service EJB needs. I thought this could be done with the "classpath" parameter in the wsgen tag in build.xml, but it d