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Impossible closing word document,

have tried force quitting, when I click on the Document it makes a sound and won't let me write in it.
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after closing large documents (drawings) the window closes but the process runs still in the background. I open the next document, the same procedure and after dowing this several times the RAM is full the system becoms very slow. what can i do???You
Hi The entry can be reverse Only in current period You are trying the reverse the entrie in close period which is not possible .. how to reverse the closing period document. Thank youUse t code FB02. Enter required parameters and press enter. From th
Kind of a weird question, but is there a way to make a button visible upon closing a document? Here's my situation. I want users to click a link which will open a PDF. I then want the users to take a quiz based off of the information in the PDF. Is t
Since Lion, Pages no longer pops up the alart message when you try to close a document withouit saving; it just saves without asking. I find this quite annoying. I save small changes that I make to a document quite frequently. If I close a document b
Hi Experts, I would like to have your thoughts on the below. I have an open Goods Receipt PO dated sometime last year and the period is locked. I need to close the document with current system date. In order to do that I have to open the posting peri
Hi all, While we are fully copying a base document to a target document, the base document header and rows will be closed, but it will appear in the open item list report. So the customer has created a Sales Order -> Delivery -> A/R Invoice. The Sal
I have developed a simple Acrobat Addin, which adds a menu item and a toolbar button. The active document will be closed when this menu item or toolbar button is clicked.The document is closed using the function "AVDocClose". Acrobat crashes whe
Hi all, We are on EP6 SP2 Patch4 HF7 and CM HF6.  When closing a MS Word document accessed from the KM Repository multiple Portal authentication popups appear.  This only happens to Word documents.  Other documents like Excel, Powerpoint, pdf etc. cl
After closing the last open document, a new window pops up. Please let us disable this. It's bad in a production environment, gets in the way.Hi Aditya By default, OPA 10.4 will collect the minimum amount of information needed to answer the goal of y
When I click either the red dot or the "close" from the dropdown,  I get the rainbow circle of death and I have to Force Quit.   Any solutions?  YES!  I had never made this connection before because it was so rare that Pages didn't crash on me t
this does not happen with everything, but with the majority of documents. these are not big documents. only 100 kb or so. is anyone else having this problem? i just bought my new imac and iwork '08 at the end of december. i never had this problem wit
Can anybody tell me the feasibility of the below process in Adobe Illustrator: While closing the Illustrator(CS,CS2 and CS3) document(please note that not Application!), an .exe (or) a script should be get triggered. Is this possible pals, if so, is
A lot of utilities automatically Quit when you close a document window. I'm making a number of HTML slides with Muse, and continually creating a new Muse document (or site). Every time I close a site, I have to relaunch to open my template. I could k
Hi Folks; I'm trying to develop a Visio macro that runs when I close a document, but I've run into a snag... The problem is that the code below only works when I press the 'X' in the corner of the document to close it.  If I try to close it using Fil
I've created several forms that I placed on a shared network drive & intranet for people to use.  After the user fills out the form, they can then print it using the print button on the form.  When they close out of the form, a box opens and asks the
Recently, anytime I hit "save", the document automatically closes. This happens using various programs (FTP software, Photoshop, Text-wrangler, Text-edit etc). Its driving me nuts. How can I stop this? Im using a macbook pro running 10.6.8 Ive h
I have very carelessly closed the wrong window and hit 'no' when asked if I wanted to save the changes. I have now lost two hours of tedious typing. Is there any way of getting the pages back again or do I have to start all over again ? Thanks 4jbl7I
How does one close a document without deleting it? I was kind of hoping for a little x at the top like in safari on the iPad. Is there a reason for this? Do I have to re import each time? Or am I supposed to scroll through all the "open" documen
We have a series of deliveries that were closed by a right click and then "close" selected. If the delivery ticket number is now searched a response of "No Matching Record found" appears. These delivery tickets still appear in open ite