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Image in drop zone not sharp

Using a DVD SP menu template, I have dropped images into button drop zones. The .jpg files when viewed in photoshop are much sharper than when they are seen in the DVD menu format, even though the images as button images are even smaller than when the image is viewed outside of DVD SP. The unsuarp image stays there when I burn a DVD and test on a television or TV screen too, so it's not a matter of how it looks in simulate.
Any ideas on why the drop zone images are not sharp / how to solve to problem?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Pamela
Have just had a go at this operation on a brand new project and I did not get any of the problems you mentioned both as buttons and drop zones, have you tried it out in a brand new project to see if you get the same results as before, also you could try saving your files as a TIFF from photoshop to see if that increases the quality of what you get from a jpeg.
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