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I just received a refurbished replacement iphone and now while syncing I get "itunes has stopped working"...help???

I just received a refurbished iphone the the insurance provided by a major electronics retailer.  Since i have tried to sync it to iTunes I have received "iTunes has stopped working" error.  It says it will come back with possible solutions, but never does a thing.  I have already removed and again installed iTunes, QuickTime, etc. to no success.  Not sure what my next step should be.
This helped overcome the crash problem, but (as reported before), I still have to start iTunes in Safe Mode in order to watch any videos. This has been the case since 10.5.
The regular mode behavior has changed a bit - instead of the progress bar moving to the end of the video, showing no video but playing the audio for about three seconds, it now leaves the progress bar where it is ... but the rest of the behavior hasn't changed.
Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit on an HP dv8t quad-core laptop w/ 8 GB RAM, running nVidia GeForce 230M with 1 GB video RAM.
Thanks for your prompt response to the original problem posted above. At least now I'm back where I started from before I upgraded to 10.7. Not optimal, but I've finally gotten used to doing a Ctrl-Shift-click to run iTunes.
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