Home > > I am in Brazil traveling tmw to NYC. I accidently turned on voice control and now cannot get back to settings icon to turn this feature off. How can I get back to the plain and simple ? Thks. This is urgent since the internet is very slow. Thks///

I am in Brazil traveling tmw to NYC. I accidently turned on voice control and now cannot get back to settings icon to turn this feature off. How can I get back to the plain and simple ? Thks. This is urgent since the internet is very slow. Thks///

I am currently in Brazil traveling back to NYC tmw. I accidently , .... playing around with my 13 yr old turned on the voice control.voice over (?) and signed in using "portuguese -Brazilian " as the language of choice even though for the past 4 months I had it set to U.S. English. Now it answers only in Music mode, won't move out of it and in a portuguese that sounds more lie martian than any language spoken on earth. How do I re-set the Nano, get out of this config and back to settings. Anyone out there with an answer since I would like to use tmw on the plane ride home  - 9.5 hours. Thks to all ////
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Hi, I am looking for a way to serve a few plain old simple static HTML pages (together with some javascript and image files) with ITS? The HTML page should be served unaltered. Is this possible somehow? Thanks,   WolfgangHello Wolfgang. Yes, that is
how do i get a plain and simple basic bank reconciliation form?If you have a system with Microsoft Office Document Imaging loaded, you can Print the PDF to this application. Then once the document opens, Print it to Adobe PDF. This will avoid the dis
I'm probably doing this all wrong.  Just in case here it is again. I'm having trouble signing into the iCloud Control Panel.  None of the iCloud suggested fixes work.  I'm using Windows 7 on a PC.  Is there a simple fix out there? asdfjava-er wrote:
i open it on my computer and it asks me if i would like to download it i say yes and then nothing happens. nothing pops up telling me about an error. nothing. ive checked my computer and cant find anything and cant figure out whats wrong. im far from
Why is it that delete does not mean delete?The links below have instructions for deleting photos. iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4236 iPad Tip: How to Delete Photos from Your iPad in the Photos App http://ipad
How do I copy a list of songs from a portable hard drive to iTunes? I do not want to covert anything, nothing special. All I want is all my songs on the iPod. I have a Windows computer. The converting of songs was going to take DAYS to do. I started
I can't view my photos on my TV using AppleTV. This is because when I get to the iCloud Photo Settings page and turn on My Photo Stream,there seems nowhere else to go to look at my photos.  I guess there is a simple answer! Can anyone help.....please
Hi Experts, all we need to do is call the pipeline directly using plain http adapter using (SIN) and get the output from the pipeline to the local file folders. This can help developers to verify the interfaces that have been migrated to XI , to comp
HI, I have a very simple question.I am able to set up the client authentication as well as server authentication. Now do i need to authenticate (both server as well as client auth.) for every request i send to the server on https...i think it should
Hi SDN, We are finding out Longitude and Latitude for getting some output based on the address of customer.. I see there is use of Trignometric functions here.. I Just want to find out TAN 45 degreese value in ABAP.. When I calculate <b>TAN ( 45 )&l
Hi,   I am new to ABAP. I need a small piece of coding. I am implementing a BADI. There is a table which has 3 fields (MATID, LOCID, STATUS and PLANNING_DATE). For each MATID (material ID), there are many LOCID (Location ID) available. My BADI has to
hello happy forumers, a few weeks ago I posted looking for help in getting premiere pro to recognize the correct frame rate of the clips I imported from my canon vixia HF11 avchd cam. the problem was: the 24 fps clips were listed as 29.97 in the proj
Hi all! I'm having a little problem. I have two completely different networks, with different purposes, one is 10.0.10.X and the other is 192.168.10.X. My networks is like this: Internet------Wifi Router ( -----iMacs AirPoirt (192.168.
How do you do it? NO, not VoiceOver. Not Siri. But plain 'ol voice control. Why is this listed as one of the 200 new features of iOS5?Fawkes1989 wrote: yes and yes. I did state that i've tried resetting my phone (holding the buttons) and turning it o
Hello all: So everything was going swimmingly... normal work-flow, nothing weird, not asking it to render Hi-Def NTSC anamorphic into SD SECAM 4:3 with a twist of lemon. Just plain old simple rendering of basic effects and filters, etc. So, for some
Hi, I installed archlinux using the "plain" and "simple" way, all into one partition (/dev/sda3). Now I want to crypt all the system as described in the wiki -> "Simple partition layout with LUKS" My question: is it possib
I'm trying to figure out how to place (within a table cell) an image that slowly disolves into another image - a slideshow with 5 to 10 images that loops. The identical-sized images are roughly 300x420 px. I need to just have them swap with a dissolv
After upgrading to Yosemite and Aperture 3.6 all the library icons are shown plain. Does anyone has a hint?If it is still slow after removing Symantec, you may need a RAM upgrade. Yosemite can run very poorly on older machines with only 4 GB RAM.Read
Hi All, How to deactive the integration of Travel Managment with Funds Management module, since we are controlling the expenses from HR module. After activating funds management in the system, while creating a travel request we got the following erro