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Hyper-V Static MAC Address Best Practice

Hi guys,
Looking for some advice please..
We have several VM's running within a 6 node cluster that run an application which keeps losing it's license whenever the LAN MAC changes i.e. when the VM moves to a new node.
The obvious solution is to set these VM's with a STATIC MAC address however I have a few questions.
1. Is there a 'private' range I can use to ensure that we never see any conflicts?
2. What's the best way to implement this change? simply power off each machine and manually edit the settings or can I use SCVMM?
3. Will the VM's lose there current network card settings? static ip etc?
4. Will VM's set with a static MAC still fail over to other nodes?
Many thanks for your help
For an answer you're much better off posting in the Hyper-V forum here:
This forum is for Virtual Server 2005, no similarities to Hyper-V.
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