Home > > HT4061 I have tried for 3 days now to restore my iPhone 4, because someone changed my password, and it is impossible. I tried contacting Apple, but need my serial number to even begin the process of chatting with them.  How do I contact Apple, or get my S

HT4061 I have tried for 3 days now to restore my iPhone 4, because someone changed my password, and it is impossible. I tried contacting Apple, but need my serial number to even begin the process of chatting with them.  How do I contact Apple, or get my S

Someone changed my password for my iPhone 4. I have attempted to restore my device now for 3 days, continually being hooked up to the computer, continually having to restart, continually having to power off and then place the device in DFU mode.  I would LOVE to speak with someone from Apple, the only problem is to even begin to wait in line to chat with an Apple representative, I need my device's serial number to begin the lovely process of waiting in line.  How do I A)-Get the device's serial number when it is locked? B)-Begin to wait in line without said serial number?  I am beginning to think it would be much easier to just report the device as stolen, then contact my carrier and have them replace this device.  Am I doing something wrong for it to take 3+ days to restore? It has the most current, up to date software on the device, why in the world would it take 3+ days to simply restore to factory settings?
If you open it to take out the battery from the iPhone then you forfeit all service for whatever reason from Apple in the future.
Have you attempt to connect it to your computer and then restore it from iTunes on your computer?
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