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HT204387 Does the IPhone 4S support NFC technology for Bluetooth pairing?

Does the IPhone 4s support NFC technology for Bluetooth pairing.
NFC and bluetooth are not the same thing.
The iPhone (no currently existing model) does not have the hardware required for NFC.
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Why my iPhone 4 wont discover any other bluetooth device, including my ipad?It will not connect to your ipad.  This has never been a feature of ipad/iphone/ipod It supports stereo headsets/speakers, handsfree telephone devices, some keyboards, some a
According to the specs on the Apple website it will not.  That could be a deal breaker.  Can someone confirm or explain this?Clark Addison wrote: Apple.com/iPhone/comparison. Scroll down to the carrier section. I assume you mean this page: http://www
If you lost Bluetooth connectivity with 1.1.3 and have tried deleting old pairings and starting over, without success, on your iPhone go to: Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings Then make sure you've deleted your old pairing on both devices
Is NFC technology going to be compatible with iPhone 4?No iPhone has NFC built in, if that's what your asking. Regards.Read other 2 answers
I'm an iPhone 6 owner, and I'm building an application that requires Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for a Peer-to-Peer mode. NFC is a short-range, wireless connectivity technology designed to be intuitive. For info on NFC check http://www.
Will the iphone 5s support talk and data simultaneously?  Didn't hear anything about it so just want to confirm.musaabo wrote: Will the iphone 5s support talk and data simultaneously?  Didn't hear anything about it so just want to confirm. No. (I'd p
As a software architect at Lenovo, I get to see lots of new, exciting technology that gets built into Lenovo computers.  NFC, or Near Field Communication, which is available in many Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks and tablets, is a technology with lots of
I have a Tritton TRI-BC200 hands free device that my iPhone 5 no longer "sees" on Bluetooth, so, I cannot pair the device. Anyone have a suggestion? Tritton no longer supports the device.I had this problem and what I did was: read the user manua
Please post a note of support for iphone to support flash content. We as iphone users are missing out on internet content that we want to utilize but for some reason iphone will not either 1. Create a workaround or two payoff whoever needs to be paid
hi, I have iphone 4 . and im planing to buy apple tv 3rd Gen. Im from india. So, can you please tell me iphone 4 AirPlay Mirroring is supported in iphone 4 ? Thank you in advance. VISHAL PATELNo.  It supports Airplay but not Airplay mirroring. iPad 2
ihave iphone 5s but Does the iPhone 5s support LTE Advanced?Galadari wrote: Does the iPhone 5S support LTE Advanced I assume you mean Voice over LTE (VoLTE)? If so, I do not believe it does. It certainly doesn't with my carrier (Verizon).Read other 3
Does the iPhone 4s support blue tooth?But not all Bluetooth profiles are supported. What is it you wish to do/connect to via Bluetooth?Read other 3 answers
While the iPhone 4 supported 803.11(n), it did so only on the 2.4GHz band.  I can't find any information about this for the 4S.  Does anyone know if it supports the 5Ghz band? Sorry....I asked too quickly.  The answer is NO.  See http://www.apple.com
Can anyone tell me if the iphone 6 supports USB OTG? Can I connect (obviously withthe correct cable) a USB OTG memory flash drive? The reason I ask, as i want a 64GB model, but in the UK only 16GB (gold {yuk}) is available.No.Read other 2 answers
Does the iPhone 6  support use of bluetooth enabled mouse?I'd really like to think so as well, who's using a tempered glass for the screen an a similar film/glass for the backplate that can shed some realistic light on this query? help is much apprec
Does the iphone 4 support IOS7?Yes i just got done looking it up. Thanks. But i haven't been able to find out when the IOS7 comes out. Do you know when it comes out?Read other 7 answers
does the iphone browser support java? can it run java applets?No, there is no Java support in the iPhone. (There is javascript, but that's obviously quite different.) You can submit feedback to Apple: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.htmlRead oth
Will the iphone 3 support the ios 5 update?Sorry, the iPhone 3G is not compatible with iOS 5. iOS 4 2 1 is the highest it will go to...Read other 2 answers
will the upcoming iphone 5 support t-mobile, wind or mobilicity?Nobody knows since iPhone 5 is not announce yet. Check Apple web site and ask the carrier directly.Read other 2 answers