Home > > HT201272 I'm having trouble downloading a previously purchase song to my iCloud so I can access it from another device.  The iCloud download button is not there.  Help?

HT201272 I'm having trouble downloading a previously purchase song to my iCloud so I can access it from another device.  The iCloud download button is not there.  Help?

I'm having trouble downloading a previously purchase song to my iCloud so I can access it from another device.  The iCloud download button is not there.  Help?
I agree. I don't rely on iCloud as a backup, that is what I have my portable hard drive for. Its 500 GB so I can hold my entire iTunes library several times over on it. I have all my movies on my hard drive, but somehow "The Mist" got deleted off of my hard drive, so I figured "Well, the option to redownload an already purchased movie is available through iCloud, I'll just do that!"
And permissions and download availability have nothing to do with it, the movie's still there, it still allows me to redownload it. The only problem is when I click download, I get that message.
And nobody else uses my computer, but I do have multiple accounts authorized on it. Even still though, I am attepmpting to download it through the account I purchased it under. :/
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