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How to wait until html page is completely rendered

I use a JEditorPane to display HTML and i want to print it to an image. so i tried to load the page (JEditorPane.setPage(URL url)) and wait until the property "page" is fired. Then i printed the component to an image.
My problem is that the page wasn't completely loaded (rendered?) when i tried to print it.
Is there a way to be notified when the page is completely rendered?
thx in advance
However, you might consider setting the document property for it to be
loaded synchronously.i've already used my own HTMLEditorKit for synchronous document loading.
class MyHTMLEditorKit
extends HTMLEditorKit
public Document createDefaultDocument()
Document doc = super.createDefaultDocument();
((HTMLDocument)doc).setAsynchronousLoadPriority( -1);
return doc;
You probably already played around with calling repaint() and
validate() before printing.i tried to call repaint and validate before printing but
still it doen't work. :(
As a last resort, you could experiment with calling the printing
routine written as a thread passed to invokeLater(), although there is
no obvious reason why this would make a difference. i don't understand what i should do with invokeLater().
could you please give me a short example?
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