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How to use Generate Synchronization Parameters for PSK modulation and demodulation

Hi I am trying to use Generate Synchronization Parameters.vi to sync the recovered stream after demodulation and my input stream to modualtion block but I don't know how to work with this block to sync input stream with output stream. Also would you please let me know what are the ways to sync input bits and demodulation  bit stream.I really appreciated your help
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Hi en99,
In order to use "MT Generate Synchronization Parameters.vi" you must wire in the following on your block diagram:
The system parameters created in "MT Generate System Parameters.vi" needs to be wired directly to the sync vi.
The synchronization parameters need to be wired direct to "MT Demodulate.vi"
The synchronization bits can be wired into the sync vi direct from "MT Generate Bits.vi"
What I have done is taken your 11.vi that you uploaded in your previous post and altered it to contain the sync vi. I have saved it as a 2010 version.
I hope this information helps!
Kind Regards,
Laurence C.
Senior Test Development Engineer
Dyson Ltd
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