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How to store the datas in a .txt file in to a JTable in Java Swing

Hi sir,
Here i want to know how to store the data's of a .txt file
in to a JTable in java swing.
Where here the .txt file like for eg,spooler.txt is in the server and from there it will come to my client machine what i have to do is to take that .txt file and store the datas of the .txt file
in a JTable.This is what i want.So pls. do help and provide the code as well.I will be thankful.Since i am involved in a project which involves this it is Urgent.
You can't just display data from a text file in a JTable. You have you understand the structure of the data so that you can parse the data and create a table model that can access the data in a row/column format. Here is an example of a simple program that does this:
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