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How to stop the new health application from Count the steps/ woking background?

how to stop the new health application from Count the steps/ woking background?
I really need your help
I agree with Mr. Hall that using mx.controls.Alert in Flex may be a better route.
Show the Alert like this:
// show an alert with a question and yes and no choices
Alert.show( "Would you like to go to the Adobe Forums?", "Question",
     Alert.YES | Alert.NO, this, closeHandler, null, Alert.YES );
Then handle the response in the closeHandler() function:
protected function closeHandler( closeEvent:CloseEvent ):void
if( event.detail == Alert.YES )
     navigateToURL( new URLRequest('http://forums.adobe.com'), '_self' );
else if( event.detail == Alert.NO )
     // they chose no
The following documentation on Alerts may be helpful:
Let me know if that helps...
Ben Edwards
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