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How to restart a java process in Oracle AS 10g

In Oracle AS 10g, the java process consumes 50% cpu resource due to the report invoked by a user. Now I need to restart the java back ground process?, please reply me with the syntax or with examples.
ps -eaf
50% /ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre/bin/java -server -cp /report/oracle
Thanks in advance
The copy method being using is unsupported, hence the target Portal would be in an unsupported state.
This is unsupported as per the following note:
Note 333867.1 - Portal Export and Import Utility Supportability Scenarios :
Copy operations after an object is renamed:
Exporting and importing a page group, then renaming the page group on the target system (to create a copy) and repeating the export and import operation.
Exporting and importing a page group, then renaming the same in source or target and repeating the export and import operation.
Not supported.
Please do not rename objects if you plan to perform export and import operations.
Note: The display name can be changed, but internal name change is considered a renaming operation.
In 10.1.4, renaming is supported, but renaming page group and pages with the intention of copying them is not supported..."
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