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How to install Oracle Report Services in Oracle Application Server

My project is running on Oracle Application Server(OAS), and I need to develop some Oracle Reports for my client.
But I find out there is not "Oracle Report Services" component in OAS like OAS 10.1.2.
Is there Oracle Report Services for OAS How to get it?
Max Yuan wrote:
You mean I need to install 2 OAS(10.1.2 for report, 10.1.3 for my project), or deploy my project to 11g? For the Reports reporting project, you'll need a version/edition that includes AS Reports Services.
In "10gr2" that means AS (plus Patch set): AS Infrastructure + AS BI&Forms installation (enterprise edition) or the standalone Forms and Reports installation (EE or separate licensing). You also need the Developer Suit (Reports Builder). OFM "11gr1" suite has some version of Reports Services but I don't know the available packages and installation types.
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