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How to install ADF Runtime libraries to an Oracle Application Server 10g?

- JDev 10.1.3 (production) installed on my Win XP station.
- OC4J 10.1.3 Standalone installed on my Win XP station.
- OAS 10.1.3 (not OC4J Standalone) installed on a Linux SuSe server.
- I have admin credentials for the OAS but don't for the server.
Is it possible to install ADF Runtime from OAS Enterprise Manager? If yes, please, let me know. If not, I will have to bother server admin in order to copy those files. In this case, ca I rely on the log html file resulted from the install I made on my local OC4J instance in order to select the needed files?
Thanks in advance.
São Paulo - Brasil
As far as i know the ADF libraries can be updated via the solution you gave :
Tools -> ADF Runtime Installer -> Oracle Application Server
but this only applies for an OAS installed on the same machine where jdev resides
for OAS in UNIX like systems i'm not sure if this can be done
as far as i know the libraries must be copied manually but i can't confirm this theory
i would like to know if it's possible to update the libraries from the Wizard on jdev installed on a windows machine to an OAS installed in UNIX?
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