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How to get information about user's capabilities in content folder

Dear collegues,
I created a few portal pages associated with folders in WLP Repository. These pages contain portlets which display the content of the associated folders of a repository.
Also I've created portlet - Uploader for MS Office files (Uploader gets properties from file, controls it and puts it in associated atributes of new content item). And I've created Delegated administration roles with create|update|publish capabilities for folders of a repository.
Now I need to put on my portal pages control which will display link to Uploader if current user has create|update|publish capabilities to associated folder (via DA role).
But I have faced 2 problems:
1) If user (with DA role) logins from portal page (I use sample login portlet) he cannot create item in repository via Authorization exception (but from Portal Admin Console he can!);
2) I couldn't find API which shows the current user has the necessary capabilities in a corresponding folder.
Help me, please!
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In addition to my post#1 next information to break youк mind.
Today I also have created visitor entitlement (enterprise application scope) and associated content folder/items with view capability for this role.
After I have login on portal page via Sample Login Portlet with my credentials (visitor role above) I have found out that I have no rights to viewing of the necessary content.
What is a problem? May be it's Sample Login Portlet? Or I have to made some additional actions after login to get the existing visitor entitlement rights for current user?
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