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How to export data from ODS through Open hub destination ?

Hello Expert,
I ahve some data in ODS.I want to export that data to some thirdt party application through Open Hub destination .How will I do that ??
Eary reply is appreciated .
1.Assume that info cube existing  with data
2.Create openhuB services
    GO FOR OHD---->select Any  info area ->CONTEXTMENU>Create OHD
     Give the 'OBJECT NAME'----Continue
In OHD Destination type Depends upon 3 types
  3.Go for the Defination Tab give the File name
4.Create Transfermations
5.Create DTP
1.Assume that info cube existing  with data
2.Create openhuB services
    GO FOR OHD---->select Any  info area ->CONTEXTMENU>Create OHD
    Give the 'OBJECT NAME'----Continue
3.Select Dbfile----->Continue
   Select file location where you want to store file .
    O.Semantic key
4.Create Transfermations
5.Create DTP
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