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How to connect NFC in J2ME emulator

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how to do the connection for NFC in j2me emulator. If anyone has already work on this project kindly help me to figure out the problem, and please shared me if you have any demo code related to this project. Thanks
Just to clarify - in the USA, ATT/3G (GSM) models need a micro-SIM; Verizon (CDMA) models don't
In other countries, the great bulk of providers use GSM (and so will need a micro-SIM). CDMA tends to be concentrated in Asia (there's no hard and fast rule)
I don't know whether any CDMA providers outside the USA support the iPhone yet.
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Can a j2me emulator work with a real bluetooth adaptor? Currently I need to work on a project that will need bluetooth and a SE P910i phone. But the phone is not available to me at all times. So, I am wondering if it is possible to have the emulator
hi, how to call j2me emulator instance from a java program? i tried public void startApp(){ try{ platformRequest("tel:+5550000"); }catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); from a j2me midlet itself, but it gave illegal access exception. do i nee
I am launching the J2me emulator from a batch file in order to run unit tests (J2meUnit). I am using "emulator.exe -classpath ... -Xdevice:mediaControlSkin [email protected] com.mydomain.TestMyMidlet". This works fine, and some of the tests even
Hello, I know that Java products support Unicode. Recently I was working in J2ME and was trying to display my Nepali, Devanagari, characters on it but to no avail. I could only see the common square box on the emulator. Does anyone know how to displa
Hi all, Does anybody if it is possible to make an FTP connection for a J2ME midlet (like you would make an http connection). If so, how can I do this and where could I find some information about this? Kind regardsIn MIDP 1.0, only HTTP support is re
I'm trying to develop a J2ME applet that uses Pointer Events, but for some reason this is NOT SUPPORTED by the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.5.1, nor can I find any other stand-alone emulators that do either. Does anyone know where I can find a J2ME emulat
i made a midlet that works fine with emulator but does not work when deployed to p900 it cant make connetion to the server. Server is a java application that accepts sockets connections and servers requests. anybody please help immediately thanksnote
Does anybody know how to detect the WiFi connection with J2ME? In fact i should ask that question = Is it possible ? I guess it is not possible but i need further help.... A. CanseverDescribe your network; router, make and model, network security set
Hi, Can anybody tell me how can I calculate connection speed (or bandwidth) on mobile device using j2me (midlet)? I know that I can measure ping to the server, but this is only one thing. I also need to know how strong is the signal in my current pos
I have just developed a J2ME app on Palm VIIx device. Everything works exactly as what I have designed, except that the wireless communication to send and receive infomation is painfully slow. It takes about 1 min. to send and receive 300 charactors
HI! I'm trying to establish a http connection with my tomcat server. My code is as following: private void callServlet() throws IOException HttpConnection http = null; InputStream iStrm = null; // Data is passed at the end of url for GET /* String ur
Dear Techies , I am new to the J2ME applications and my requirement is play the MP3,MP4,AVI, WAV, MOV and 3GP file both audio and video , the file which may be from server and the maximum file size is upto 5MB . Now i am using the default emulator wh
Hi, I got null value from my hand set when getting conn.getHeaderField value while my J2ME emulator is working fine. Any one hv a clue on tis.. My snipet of code HttpConnection conn = (HttpConnection)Connector.open("
I would like to connect a J2SE application to a MIDlet running in the Wireless Toolkit's Emulation Environment using the WTK's bluetooth emulation environment. Does anybody know how to access the bluetooth emulation environment of the WTK? This would
Hi All, I'm developing an application which uses RMS to store about 1 Mb of data. On a target device (Samsung mobile phone) it works fine, under J2ME 3.0 SDK emulator the RMS size is limited to about 200 Kb so I get RecorStoreFullException. Is it pos
hi, very strange forum.I am new to J2me platform and forum .But there is no reply to my question at all. Bye......Try reinstalling all java stuff in order like this JDK -> J2EE -> J2ME its possible that installation copy of J2ME emulator or OS is co
hello everyone. I'm new one in j2me and I am learning socket connection in j2me. I'm using basic socket,datagram example wich is come with sun java wireless toolkit 2.5. for it i wrote small socket server program on c# and tested it example on my pc
i want to write a book about j2me(not english) . I am confused about what topics really need to be covered. it won't be a reference book but a book with 300 pages that makes developers to enter j2me mood. I am posting my intended index of the book. P
Hi friends I want to use Sockets in my J2ME application. How can use sockets? I am trying to connect to remote server. So is there need to write server side program. I have written a server side program which uses JAVA sockets, And it listens for soc