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How to combine book-files into one IND-file

I'm trying to make one InDesign-file from the separate files included in a book.
I know the book option Export to PDF but what I want is something like:
add the pages of bookfile 1 to a new document,
then add the pages of bookfile 2 to that new document (at the end)
then add the pages of bookfile 3 to that new document (at the end)
until all pages of all bookfiles are combined into one document.
I don't want to place the pages (what makes them imported pages like images).
Is this possible? [platform Windows - Javascript]
What I figured out (as a non-programmer) is
to open the bookfile
var myDocument = app.open(File("/c/Bookname.indb"), false);
use a counter for the number of bookfiles in the book
for( i=0; i< myDocument.bookContents.count(); i++ )
to retrieve the name of the bookfile
var myINDFile = myDocument.bookContents.item(i).fullName;
Theres a Move Pages -command in Pages panels menu. With it you can move pages also between documents... may be you could use that programmatically too? Guys in InDesign Scripting forum might know better, though some of them reads this forum too....
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