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How to check for null value of output parameter?

Hi guys, I get a test procedure with 2 output parameters and do nothing:
  PROCEDURE p_null_output_basetype(p1 OUT NUMBER,p2 OUT VARCHAR2)
  END p_null_output_basetype;
END;And I have below C# code:
cmd.CommandText = "p_parameters_test.p_null_output_basetype";
OracleParameter p1 = new OracleParameter("p1", OracleDbType.Decimal, System.Data.ParameterDirection.Output);
OracleParameter p2 = new OracleParameter("p2", OracleDbType.Varchar2, System.Data.ParameterDirection.Output);
    if (p1.Value==null)
    else if (Convert.IsDBNull(p1.Value))
        Console.WriteLine("p1 else "+p1.Value);
    if (p2.Value==null)
    else if (Convert.IsDBNull(p2.Value))
        Console.WriteLine("p2 else "+p2.Value);
catch......The output of it is:
p1 else null
p2 else null
Does anyone have any idea why it always goes to the 'else' of the condition-branching, and how can I check if the output parameter is null?
Thanks in advance.
Morven... I ran into similar problems. Maybe you've found a solution of your own by now, but here's what I've learned...
The Value property of output parameters, like p1 and p2 in your code, actually varies, according to (I think) the OracleDbType of the parameter. You've got OracleDbType.Decimal for p1 and OracleDbType.Varchar2 for p2. These look about right, since they match the parameter types in your actual stored procedure.
After cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() executes, the respective Value properties of p1 and p2 are actually of different types. For p1, it's going to be "OracleDecimal" and for p2 it's "OracleString". Keep in miind that these are the types of the Value property of the OracleParameter objects, not the OracleParameter objects themselves.
OracleDecimal and OracleString (and some other types like OracleDate, etc.) have an "IsNull" property you can use if you cast the Value property to its runtime type...
if ((OracleDecimal)cmd.Parameters["p1"].Value).IsNull) { …do something… }
else { …do something else… }
Or maybe something like this...
Decimal p1val = ((OracleDecimal)cmd.Parameters["p1"].Value).IsNull ? 0 : ((OracleDecimal)cmd.Parameters["AVG_SALARY"].Value).Value;
I'll admit that expressions like this: ((OracleDecimal)cmd.Parameters["AVG_SALARY"].Value).Value look a little weird. But the "Value" of the "OracleDecimal" property is a regular .NET decimal type (System.Decimal). So, it's a "Value" of the "Value" property of the OracleParameter class.
Even when the stored procedure returns a null, the Value property is still populated. In the case of p1, it's populated with an OracleDecimal object (actually a struct) where IsNull is true. That's why "p1.Value==null" tests false.
From what I can see, OracleDecimal, OracleString, etc. will never be typed as DbNull, or DBNull.Value. So, that would be why Convert.IsDBNull(p1.Value)) always returns false. btw, it appears that these are Value types. That would suggest that coding something like like this, should be avoided…
OracleString p2val = ((OracleString)cmd.Parameters["p2"].Value;
if (p2val.IsNull) { …do something… }
else { …do something else… }
By assigning the value to another variable, you’d be actually creating an entire copy of the OracleString structure, which is pointless.
I hope that helps
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