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How to Add F4 Help To a Screen Field In a Module Pool Program

Hi Friends,
1. How to Add F4 Help To a Screen Field In a Module Pool Program?
2. How to select a single cell in ALV report output for interactive reporting ?
Kindly give code example.
Try using the fm 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST'.
Refer the link below for selecting  single cell.
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Hi guys,      How to <b>activate & deactivate the screen fields</b> of a <b>module pool program</b> <b>dynamically</b> through program. Like Change mode and display mode in a single screen.Hi, Make use of a Variable
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Hi, I have an M type program (module pool), say SAPMF05M. I want to 1) see which transaction code initiated it ?? 2) see the screens associated with it ?? how do i achieve this ?? I know just the program name !! thanksGo to SE80, make sure "program&q
Hi Experts,                   I have a requirement like based on the field content i want to change the color to the screen field. I have written code like below. But i'm getting dump.         LOOP AT SCREEN.           IF screen-group1 = 'G02'.      
Hi Abapers, Any one could send me the screen shots for the module pool programming with multiple screens. Thanks in advance. Regards YubiYou can check the transaction ABAPDOCU for sample programs.. Check  the prgrams: DEMO_DYNPRO_TABLE_CONTROL_1  Tab
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Hi, In module pool program , I am handling 2 screen . while calling the 2 nd screen , i want to display the window size as i required. Plz help me. Regards, Rani.Hi, Specify the positions as CALL SCREEN dynnr             [STARTING AT col1 lin1       
Hi Gurus I am working on Module Pool Programming...In the one of the screen there is a column named "Description"  where I need to keep a Button to call a SAP standard text editing screen and what ever information I enter in the field should be
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Hi All,   I have a requirement that, i want to provide F4 help for the 2 fields in module pool program. the fields are document number and fiscal year from rbkp table. i could provide search help for two fields. but how to select matching fiscal year
Hi, Could anyone explain in detail to call report selection screen in module pool program with tab strip control. Thanks ManoHi, Refer std program: demo_sel_screen_in_tabstrip. demo_sel_screen_with_tabstrip. Call your program with SUBMIT stmt form mo
All, I'm new to module pool programming. Can any one please provide me where to create selections screens to display existing purchase orders using the below selection criteria in thr module pool program., SELECT-OPTIONS : S_LIFNR FOR EKKO-LIFNR,    
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Hi gurus, I have created a executable program to use selection-screen and want to see my output in module pool program where I have designed table control according to my requirement. How can I call the module-pool program screen from an executable p