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How Standalone OC4J and the Oracle Application Server linked to each other

Hi ,
Please let me know what is the relation between a Standalone OC4J and the Oracle Application Server ?
In my application The Oracle Application Server is installed in C drive and there is a Stand alone oC4j .
Please tell me how they are linked to each other .
Thank you .
It depends on your need and what features and functionality of Oracle Application Server you are interested in. Note that OC4J is a component of Oracle Application Server that can run as a standalone component or within Oracle Application Server. Question #6 in earlier mentioned FAQ document states:
OC4J standalone is J2EE 1.3 compatible (1.4 and 1.5 too in later releases of OC4J) and is able to be used in both development and small scale production environments. OC4J standalone provides its own inbuilt HTTP/S listener to allow clients to execute Web applications that it has deployed. Application deployment and server configuration of OC4J standalone is performed by the manual editing of a simple set of XML files.
For large scale enterprise deployments, the Oracle Application Server product is likely to be more suitable with its comprehensive feature set including Oracle HTTP Server, process monitoring and management capabilities, and its configuration and management console.
So if you are happy with what you see in standalone OC4J and scalability isn't an issue for you, you can stay with standalone OC4J and don't need to move to Oracle Application Server.
PS: If you do decide to use OC4J that's embedded with Oracle Application Server, you can't move your standalone OC4J inside Oracle Application Server. You will have to reconfigure embedded OC4J again (as you might have done with standalone OC4J) and redeploy your applications.
Hope this helps.
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