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How do i get music into my libary that is only on my ipod

I have music on my ipod that i have lost on CD and all in other forms.
How do i get this music back out of my Ipod and into my itunes. I cant seam to open it just as a drive through my computer to do it that way.
Any ideas i just dont want to lose it all
See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.
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first of all, i cant do anything to MY libary its has this little lock and its all faded!!!! i cant do anything!!! and how do i put photos on my ipod? in a easy, small, explanation? PLEASE HELP!To answer your other question, grey text and lock symbol
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Does anyone know how or if it is possible even to delete an ipod connected to itunes to make room to connect another? I already have 5 devices connected to my itunes & I believe that is the maximum.You need do nothing.  You can sync as many ipods as
i really dont understand all this computor stuff, so im begging for help!!!! i recedntly had a lot of problems with my comp and had to get it wiped, when i was back up and running i had to reinstall my itunes, for a start all my music (5 days worth!!
hi there my pc completely crashed out,on geting it fixed i re downloaded itunes and my libary is blanc,is there a way of transfering all the stuff on my ipod classic into my itunes libary. yours hopeingly, t.Connect your iPod to your computer. If it
My PC recently got wiped clean of all memory due to a system failure and I lost all my songs from my itunes libary but they remained on my ipod. When I plug my ipod into my PC it comes up with the message that gives me the option to either: erase and
Well, I decided that I needed to make my main libarary at another computer, so I plugged in the ipod at the new computer and went through the steps. All the songs that I had bought from iTunes appeared, but none of the songs I had uploaded from CD's.
I have run into an issue when I tried to access another I-tunes library on my second computer and I was asked whether I wanted to take the contents of this second libary and put it into the Ipod thus wiping out all the other material that was already
Using an older 10 GB iPod I have gotten this message when trying to update playlist or tracks on the pod. "Some of the songs in the iTunes music Libary were not copied to the iPod becaucse they cannot be played on this iPod." The software is up
Hello, I plugged my Itouch uin this morning and let it sync, now I have no music on it let alone in my account, What the heck did I do? Is it retrievable? mdandersen- I have no idea what YOU did. - If the music in in your iTunes libary then sync it t
My old computer that had the music libary that is currently on my ipod and that computer died two years ago so I can not follow the process on the support site. Now my I-pod about 7 years old is about to die (the battery now longer holds a charge) an
I had a vrius it wiped out my i tunes libary but i have everything on ipod from before . Now how do i put music back on computer from ipod ?I think this may be what you are looking for: [Copying iTunes Store purchases from your iPod or iPhone to a co
Hi, I have itunes and ifunbox (which allows me to connect into the file system level of the iphone) and am wondering which would be the simplest way to transfer some of my music over? I have already imported all of my music into itunes, but it's real
hello how do i dowload and transfer music from my playbook into my ipod nano 4th generation? sorry new user  thank you Hello lisascrackberry, We can get very detailed in how to complete this action but simply: 1) Connect PlayBook to Computer 2) Extra
I have my preferences set to import AIFF files, and I know how to convert these to AAC. But when I do this, it creates the AAC file in the same folder in the same library. I could just deselect the AIFF files in that library so only the AAC's are syn
I have an iPod Classic 80G and iTunes 7.4.2(4) installed in my Macbook Pro, had about 12G music in my iTune, everything worked fine, untill yesterday I added some more songs (about 2G), when I tried to sync, iTune asked me to update iPod Classic soft
Is it true that with the new Itunes, i can restore everything stored on my ipod to a new itunes program...before it would over write the blank slots in itunes and delete my ipod library... before my computer crashed i set it up to sync connected to i
hi, my computer has recently died, so i have purchased a new computer but i don't know how to transfer my songs from my ipod to the new computer. i don't have a backup of my itunes libary. all i have is my ipod. I'm afraide to pug it in to the new co
I have downloaded the apple remote App to use to find i cant set it up - in that - devices does not appear in itunes to enable me to enter the 4 digit passcode to pair my ipod touch to enable remote use? can anyone help? !!!!I am trying to control my