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How can we reset the SAP cache for users roaming profile in a d?

Our active directory is on windows server 2003.
SAP version 6.40
users work from different workstations in our company with their roaming profile.
printouts are defined by assigning a printer to the terminal (usually the closest terminal to theprinter)
we have some users who have logined to windows, are unable to print to the assigned printer, because the name of the terminal is stuck on another terminal they worked on before.
we think that the the cache in SAP does not update properly.
Where is the SAP cache, is it in the server, or the workstation, or the user profile?
Can anyone help?
all configurations of the printers are correct.
I will try and explain the problem differently:
In general If a user logs on to SAP, we will see in tc al08 the username and terminal the user is working from. (The terminal is the full computer name e.g. WS-KITCHEN).
When a user with the problem logs on to SAP, we will see in tc al08 the username and the name of a terminal he worked from in the past and not the work station he is at present. Therefore his printouts go to the printer that is allocated to the terminal that he worked on before and not the WS-KITCHEN he is working on now.
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