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How can I import my bookmarks and RSS feeds from Flock?

I just switched over from Flock because it's too sluggish to use anymore. How do I import all my bookmarks, passwords, and RSS feeds? If I have to do it all by hand, I'm going to cry.
Also do I need a separate RSS reader to get my feeds in a nice list like Flock does it? I don't really get how Live Bookmarks are supposed to work.
Thanks. I used Firefox before moving to Flock, so hopefully switching back won't be too painful.
Hm. This was somewhat helpful. I got my bookmarks moved (although now that I see how many of them I had backed up, I'm not sure that was a good idea).
Still trying to figure out the passwords... I have my Flock profile folder and my Firefox profile folders open... it looks like I need to copy the key3.db file and the signons.sqlite file from the Flock folder to the Firefox folder, does that sound correct?
As for the RSS feeds, it looks like I'll need an external reader to make any use of the .OPML file that Flock exported for me. I'm still not really clear on how Live Bookmarks work, exactly. I see how to create and manage them, I just don't get how they function day to day. I have a ridiculous number of RSS feeds, some of which still have half a hundred posts I'm working my way through.
Any recommendations for a good Firefox compatible feed reader?
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