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How beneficial it is to have EP system database on HANA?

Dear HANA Experts,
I would like to know the benefits of implementing EP 7.4 on HANA.
As far as I know, there will be less Database accesses during Java Enterprise Portal system operations.
How beneficial it is to have EP 7.4 database on HANA?
Please provide pointers to know more information regarding this topic.
During POC, one benefit which we have observed is that Portal system came up in less than 2 minutes on HANA DB where as it is taking around 7 minutes in MSSQL DB !!
John Prabhakar
I currently have 11 1G system files which I'd like to combine into say 3 4GB system data files, or 2 6GB system data files.WHY is any change needed?
What is gained by doing so?
Do you suffer from CTD?
Never confuse movement with progress.
Going around in circles is movement, but most folks do not consider it to be progress,
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