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How 2 set the background color in j2me

Can any body tell me how to set the background color to midlet.??
if you are using Screen then you can call its setBackColor()
or if you are using Canvas then you can call
where g is the Graphics instance of Canvas,for further information consult documentation
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Hello I have a question about create a Form on J2ME Midlet. How could we change the Background Color Of Form? Is it possible? Thanx a lot.You can try the J2ME forums http://forum.java.sun.com/category.jspa?categoryID=23 Then don't seem to be bursting
Hello All, I want to set background color to the form. Can anybody know how to set the background color to form. Please help ..... :) --- SachinIt's impossible, you have to use canvas instead of form to set background colorRead other 3 answers
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I am trying to create a PDF file from some application. Please note that the picture in this application has the black background. So I invoke a Print command and set a printer as "Adobe PDF". As a result, I have generated  a brilliant PDF file
Hi, I create object loading program. my problem is run time i change object background color using color picker. i select any one color of color picker than submit. The selecting color not assign object background. pls help me? How to run time change