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HELP!! Stored Procedures - Adding and Inserting Records

Can ANYONE tell what I'm doing wrong? I'm learning PL/SQL, and I don't know what I'm missing here.
For starters, I'm trying to write a stored procedure to:
-- insert data into a NULL column added using ALTER TABLE
-- there's about +/- 45 records where this data needes to be added.
-- the value for each null field in the column is a random value (that is, generated using dbms_random.random
I've tried several ways to write the procedure, but have run against a wall to determine what I'm missing.
Here's the SQL statements and the error messages:
SQL> CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE update_proj_number (p_proj4_id IN VARCHAR2)
2 AS
5 v_counter NUMBER(5) := 0;
6 END;
8 v_counter := 0;
9 dbms.random.initialize(32768);
10 v_counter := v_counter + 1;
11 p_proj4_id := dbms.random.random
12 UPDATE sample_trades
13 SET proj4_id = RANDOM(p_proj4_id);
14 exit when NOTFOUND%;
15 END;
16 /
Warning: Procedure created with compilation errors.
6/2 PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "END" when expecting one of the following:
begin function package pragma procedure subtype type use <an identifier>
<a double-quoted delimited-identifier> cursor form current
12/3 PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "UPDATE" when expecting one of the following:
. ( * @ % & = - + ; < / > in mod not rem an exponent (**)
<> or != or ~= >= <= <> and or like between is null is not &#0124; &#0124; is dangling
The symbol ";" was substituted for "UPDATE" to continue.
14/22 PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol ";" when expecting one of the following:
( type <an identifier> <a double-quoted delimited-identifier>
Would it be more efficient to use a cursor to fetch the rows containing the null value or is a stored procedure OK for this?
Also, I would like to have a second example of a stored procedure that will add random rows to a table (that is, create duplicates of information already in the table). This stored procedure will also use dbms_random.
For example,
IF p_value1 = 'FIRST_VALUE' then
add this record (incl. random_val for key);
ELSIF p_value = 'SECOND_VALUE' then
add that record (incl. random_val for key);
and on and on.
Much thanks to anyone who can help.
For example,
Try this
CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE update_proj_number (p_proj4_id IN VARCHAR2)
v_counter NUMBER(5) := 0;
v_counter := 0;
v_counter := v_counter + 1;
p_proj4_id := dbms.random.random ;
UPDATE sample_trades
SET proj4_id = RANDOM(p_proj4_id);
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