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Help please with two big Ken Burns fx problems!

I'm importing stills in .psd into iMovie. When I put them into the timeline and apply the Ken Burns effect, the following happens: The image turns red the second I select "show photo settings"; then when I apply the KBfx, the clip literally disappears and I am left with a black image that doesn't play at all--even though the now black clip in the timeline says "0.05:00". Now it seems that if I resave the .psd file into a .jpg file, it doesn't turn red--but it still disappears when the KB fx is applied. Any suggestions?
Hi Stany
Not knowing: Going from.psd to .jpg would have been my first suggestion.
That the photos disapears ??
a. What version of Mac OS + iMovie + QuickTime (important) do You use ?
Mac OS X.4.8 + iM 6.0.3 + QT 7.1.3 ??
b. I would delete iMovie pref file then run - Repair Permissions and see if
this helps.
Most common origin to all kinds of problems is (my opinion): Low free space on the
internal hard disk.
25 Gb free after movie import - fine
10 Gb trouble beginns
5 Gb - slow (extrem) performances if any at all + troubles
Yours Bengt W
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