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Having trouble inserting a logo into my video

I am having difficulty inserting a logo into my video. Whenever, I am successful, and I go to play the video, the logo moves out of place. I deleted all of the effects but am still having trouble with it.
We have no idea what the problem is or how you applied the logo from that brief description!
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I am trying to insert my logo into the corner of a video I made and am having troubles. I have the image in a separate video track and it appears alright. The problem is that I want to image to appear all of the time and it does not work with the tra
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How to insert a logo in sap script?Steps to insert a logo, I 1. First save the file as BMP 2. Open the BMP file in IMaging (Goto -> Programs -> Accessories -> Imaging) and make it Zoom as 100% and save as *.TIFF 3. Open SE38 and execute program R
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How to insert a logo with final cut express 4? like this http://www.milano.nl/sbs6_2005.jpgI'm not certain, but I think, if there's not a background color saved as part of the original file, you'll retain the transparency. Give it a try. What applica
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hello, i wanto insert our logo in the standard format of the purchase order right, before that i made the z file ok, in that z file i want to insert our logo, how to do the same and let me know in details. pls do the needful urgently. thanks sujathaH
Hi, Can i insert a LOGO in ordinar window. If s how i can do this. Else, what is the possible solution.HI, No, you need to place them in a graphical window only Regards SudheerRead other 4 answers
Does anyone know which software can remove a logo from a video as well as subtitle in it. ThanksWatermarking like this cannot be easily removed (which is the entire point of including a watermark). You would probably have to go through the video fram
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