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Has anyone found any info on stopping Photoshop & DreamWeaver CC from crashing?

Aodobe thinks the issue is that my DELL 620 i5 with 6GB RAM 2 TB drive 500GB scratch disk and Windows 7 64bit is the problem. However, since the system is just over a yr old I do not want toreplace it just to make the CC products run.So does anyone have any input or advice to keep Ps and Dw from crashing?
Note the CS6 editions ar3e working fine.
Is it possible to go back to the CS6 editions if youve created PSDs in CC? Is there support for Camera Raw 8.1 in CS6?
HTML, CSS and DWT files created in DreamWeaver CC. Will these files open and work correctly in DreamWeaver CS6?
In order to use PS CC and Dw CC it sounds like I need to get a Windows 8 PC and laptop because CC will not run without problems on either my PC or laptop. I'm just a poor photograpgh so do not have the funds to replace hardware that's only a little over a year old. Is anyone else finding the CC product line "crashy"?
I seem to have found the solution to Photoshop crashing (for me, at least). This answer fixed the problem with CC crashing on open:
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Photoshop CS2 has begun crashing. Can't identify what changes I have made may have started this. I am using a MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7) running OS 10.6.8. The error message reads: Process:         Adobe Photoshop CS2 [8011] Path:           
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When I import my collection of images and videos using "Import / From file and folders...", Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer crashes when importing one of my .m2ts files.  When I debug it I get: Unhandled exception at 0x1543025B (mc_demux_mp2_ds.
Hi all- I have a decent laptop for work, Dell with good specs, running windows 7. Using photoshop CS6, the program crashes even with the most basic commands. Some hotkeys, or a soft brush will just shut it down. It is really frustrating, as it is pre
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My photoshop elements 11 no longer works, I can use the organizer but not the photo editor. As soon as I open the Photo editor it stops responding and crashes. I could really use some help with this thanks c:Since you're using a different OS, it woul
Is there anyone who can help me? my Photoshop CC is keep crashing, it doesn't show any error message. Suddenly " program stop responding" after few seconds of launch.If Photoshop crashes the should be a System crash report generated by your OS.
My Photoshop Elements 12 keeps crashing. I've tried rebooting, I've tried upgrading, I don't know what else to do and I have a HUGE job due tomorrow.Hi mamma8084, If I understand you correctly, did you mean that PSE 12 crashed and relaunched causing
i need to reinstall photoshop after a computer crash.  i inserted the cd, accepted the conditions, but am unable to enter the product code.  Can enter numbers, but not letters.  I am assuming this is because this is a student/teacher edition.  What d
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Today's wonderful monitor all day today. I simply tried to open files... Several It's not just Photoshop(s). It's Illustrator too!I did the updates today. Anybody having or have had this issue before? This was pretty common 12 years ago but I knew ho