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Fusion Middleware Control targets error

Hi, I cloned a server with a weblogic domain forms and reports 11g.
I reconfigured the name of the server fine.
I reconfigured the weblogic domain fine.
I reconfigure the instance of forms and reports fine.
My problem resides in the fusion middleware control EM, the references are linked to the old server (OHS, reports and forms component). And I can't get the sessions of forms, ohs statistics... nothing.
How can do for upgrade the info of fusion middleware control.
create the sh file and comping for forms but this file in a where the forms available
export ORACLE_HOME=/home/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/as_1
for i in `ls *.pll`
echo Compiling Form $i ....
/home/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/asinst_1/bin/frmcmp.sh userid=aaa/[email protected] batch=yes module=$i module_type=LIBRARY compile_all=yes window_state=minimize
with regards
Abdulwajid khan
[email protected]
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