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Follow up to trouble burning quicktime movie in idvd 4.01 in dvd format

I am using a blank dvd+R to burn.
iDVD 4 only burns to DVD-R not DVD+R
Yup.... that would sure create problems burning, wouldn't it?
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I know this has been asked a million times, however I (a relatively recent Mac convert) absolutely can't believe that Apple would not allow this to work. I have a keynote slideshow with music. I "send to iDVD" as well as "export" into
I have an iDVD project but it is too big to burn to a dvd (11GB!) so I was wondering if I can save the proejct like a dvd onto my External Hard Disk. This is really urgent and important for a school project. Thanks in advance.iDVD does not care about
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im having trouble burning my photis it tells me there is an errors in the writingThere are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on seven different versions of the Operating System. The tricks and tips for dealing with issues vary from version
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I'm having trouble downloading quicktimes thru the mail program....just quicktimes....is there something I need to do to fix this problem>?Lisley58 please clear your cache and cookies and try again with your current web browser.  If the problem conti
I'm havign trouble burning larger files. It either freezes or displays a message of failure of  ProHeadless.exe. I read turning off screen saver and power save screens will help but I am not sure it will help with the ProHeadless.exe problem. I've tr
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i'm having trouble burning dvd through  - share - then checking blue ray box and burning it as AVCHD. i've done it before by following these same steps but this time the dvd player gives me the the playback mabe be disabled message, any suggestions..
I have an '09 15" mac book pro running os x mavericks and I'm having trouble burning a dvd. In iMovie, I sent my movie to file and then to iDVD to burn a copy. It was saved in Documents. When I went to iDVD, the thumbnail image of the movie to be bur
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having trouble burning cd that i purchased from your store, can you please help?Go to I tunes store page, look to the far right and click on purchased.Read other 2 answers
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Trouble getting QuickTime to run on Windows 7.Installation seems to finish successfully. When can try to open it I get the following error message: Error 46: Could not load or find the Quick Time Active X control.  I have reinstalled QuickTime and it