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Fit image to canvas at load

I have subclassed JPanel in order to make my own image canvas. I have implemented zooming in and out, and, since the images I'm going to be using are generally in the dimensions of 3000x2000, I'd like an image to fit to the space available when it's loaded. This would be done with zoomfactor=min(canvasw/imagew,canvash/imageh), but here's the catch: getWidth and getHeight return 0. Unless, as I soon learned from our friend Google, getWidth and getHeight are called in paintComponent. However, I need a zoomfactor to paint, and I need to paint in order to to obtain my zoomfactor. So I'm trapped, I guess. What do I do?
On a side note, what's the deal with getWidth/Height? Can they only be called in paintComponent? And, why, although put in a JScrollPane, and drawing an image much larger than the open screen space, my widget doesn't scroll?
Components don't have a size until the GUI is visible.
I don't see the problem. I would suspect your paintComponent() method paints the image so the width and height are available at that time.
Your application should set the zoom factor and then invoke repaint() to cause the panel to repaint the image.
So at startup time you just set the zoom factor to minimum and the paintComponent() method should know how to interpret that value.
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