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What's Up Experts? Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you can help me clarify a couple of things.
Issue: I have a pc with a2nz/firewire and a mac ibook with firewire:
I want to record from the pc to the mac using reason or fruityloops over the firewire connection to prosoniq or audacity. When I try that with prosoniq it crashes the mac everytime. Do I have to have an interface to accomplish this? Is there a software internal interface that will accomplish the task at hand?
I have the exact same problem: the iPod charges but is not recognized.
I have a 3rd generation 10gb iPod connected to my PC via a PCI firewire card under Windows XP SP2.
Weird thing is I have tried with another 3rd generation iPod and it worked fine.
This is annoying.
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