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Filter data in transfer rules using start routine

Hi all!
I am an absolute newbie here, but I have a question regarding start routines and I noticed many questions get solved around here. My situation is the following: I have to create a start routine where the data to be transferred is filtered on an attribute "DESTINAT" in info object "0BILL_TYPE". DESTINAT can be 'M' or 'D' and depending on that letter, data must flow to a separate ODS.
Well,I came up with the following:
somewhere in my start routing I guess I'll have to put:
loop at data_pak.
When I place this in my start routine of my transfer rules leading to the ODS where data must be of DESTINAT type 'M', will this do the trick?
I want to put the following code in the transfer rules leading to my other ODS, where data must be of type DESTINAT = 'D':
loop at data_pak.
I'm sorry that this is a very basic question, but like I said: I'm a newbie in SAP...
hi Joris,
have a lok at the foll  help docs.:
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