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File problem in linux OS.

I am creating one jar file . In my program, when I click one survey menu in my GUI,it will collect information from remote device and store it in log file located LOG folder. In my case, I put one folder " Cal" and inside it I put myjar.jar file and that log (LOG) folder.
In Windows, when I click survey menu in GUI, the log information automatically stored in log foder as survey.txt file. And also, i create one show dialog box to show where the log file located.
my code is,
String  ss=new String(" HIllo"+"loginfo" );           
                 byte b[]=ss.getBytes ();
                       OutputStream f0=new FileOutputStream               ("LOG/survey.log",true);
                       f0.close ();    the above code is file writing in txt file.
for display dialog box,
                File file = new File("LOG/Survey.log");                      
                file = file.getAbsoluteFile(); 
                javax.swing.JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(MainFrame, "The LOG FILE is stored at -- \t \t"+file);
             }In windows, where can i install that Cal folder (inside it JAR file and LOG folder), and click that jar , all are working fine. The log file stored correctly inLOG folder and dialog box show the located path.
eg. log file stored at D:/sbk/Cal/LOG/survey.log
But my problem in linux.
when i click survey menu, it will defaultly stored in root folder and log folder. Actually i am not creating LOG folder in root folder.
I am changing file writer as , to store that JAR folder and want to store that log file in home directory.
                String  ss=new String(""HIllo"+"loginfo\n" );          May
                 byte b[]=ss.getBytes ();
                       OutputStream f0=new FileOutputStream ("/home/Cal/LOG/Survey.log",true);
                       f0.close ();    but, now also that file stored in rot directory.
what can I do.
how can I store log file in home/Cal/Log folder in Linux.
any one help this problem
Use System get prop user.home?
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