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Family Sharing or shared iCloud it's one or the other.

Before iOS 8 my wife and I shared one appleID for purchased content and for icloud shared data such as numbers and pages docs. This also allowed us to have synced calendars, reminders, contacts, photos, etcetera. She and I both have an iPhone and an iPad. Her devices were linked together so that iMessage and FaceTime were synced. For mine, I made a new appleID and signed in only to iMessage, FaceTime, and Find my Friends. This allowed our devices to share the "main" appleID and icloud for obvious reasons. Then having separate "idenities" for our messaging and find my friends. Now with family sharing enabled, I can't get to my original icloud data because to have a separate "identity" I have to sign in as a different iCloud login. If I use our shared original icloud account, find my friends now sees all 4 devices as the same person. Just giving you the choice to "share my location from each device". This is very frustrating. Apple please allow me to opt out of family sharing on find my friends, or allow me to have a separate iCloud for data only that can be used on all my devices.
it's not that simple of a thing. The Firewire output has about a 5 frame delay. If you were to monitor the audio from the computer speakers and watch the video through the deck on an external monitor you would think your audio was out of sync. And if you could hear both there would be an echo effect from the delay. The DSR-11 is a pain ( I have three) because there is no screen like the 25 and the 45. Best thing to do is have a television or monitor hooked up to the DSR-11. If you don't have that option, at least you can plug headphones into your DSR-11 to hear the sound. But you have no confirmation about the video without a monitor.
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