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Failed to save xsl map

I see a few people asked about this problem. do you have a solution yet?
I tried to use Transform Activity in BPEL 10.1.3 Developers Preview. I am not able to create any transformation. It keeps giving me this error:
"Failed to save XSL map. Make sure XSL map is valid".
I think the problem is in the section of <?oracle-xsl-mapper> .. <?>, because if I remove this section , the bar in the right side of the panel changed from red to green, but this section is generate by Jdev , even if you remove it, Jdev will put it back. What should I do?
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I have the same problem with the mapping tool. I'm using
BPEL Designer (Build 061009.0802)
BPEL Process Modeler oracle.bpm.modeler Loaded
XSL Mapper oracle.bpm.mapper 10.1.3 Loaded
It's a very strange probleme because it's working in an other laptop with the same configuration. I made the ORDER BOOKING tutorial and I'm hiting up when i Created the Mapping File ("TransformOrder" BPEL Service). (section 8.7.6)
Thanks a lot for helping me.
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