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Export to excel using deski report

We are using BOXIR2 SP4 version. We have a deski report that generates excel output file and it was working fine until yesterday. Today that report successfully exported excel output file, but I was not able to open excel file and it gives me below error:
Excel found unreadable content in 'abc.xls'. Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes.
Now, if I select Yes, then it opens blank sheet.
I found that today there was a new record in the report for new customer. When I filtered out that customer record it works fine. So I thought may be something wrong with that customer.
After that I filtered out 10 existing customers and then also I was able to open excel sheet with new customer record as well. So, I tried few other things to resolve the issue, if I reduce the length of Customer_name field from 35 to 30 by using SubStr(), it works fine. If I add a new field Customer ID to the left of Customer_name field, it works fine.
This is a strange issue. I have suggested our client the above option that have worked. But if client is not OK with it, I will still have to find the root cause and resolve this issue.
Please advise.
with your product version there are little options you have.
1. Upgrade to the latest SP and patch on XIR2 (SP6, fp6.4) and re-test
2. Upgrade to current product release.
3. figure out what has changed and how in the report and reverse those changes.
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